Benefits & Discounts

If you’re an MNA member, you get added bonuses to help you
along your home financing journey.


  • Free credit analysis for all applicants
  • Free pre-approval for your home financing (includes pre-approval certificate)
  • Family members can also participate in the program
  • Free mortgage consultation from highly experienced mortgage professionals
  • No application fee
  • No commitment fee
  • No lock-in fee


  • Free appraisal - up to $600 lender credit at closing
  • Free flood certificate - up to $25 lender credit at closing
  • Free legal review of your purchase and sale agreement
  • 10% off owner’s title insurance
  • 10% off Homestead Act in Massachusetts
  • Additional $275 in discounts off attorney fee (in MA)

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Making every mortgage feel like a win

When you work with CrossCountry Mortgage (CCM), our entire team is available to assist you from application to closing and beyond. We work tirelessly to remove the frustration from the mortgage process and provide you a personalized experience.

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