The Remodeling Advantage

Remodeling Advantage

How to Renovate the Most Resale Value

When you're getting ready to sell, some strategic home improvements can raise your selling price - and some won't. To determine what's worth it, ask yourself: will the potential buyer see this, and will my home's value go up enough to make the costs worthwhile? With those keys in mind, here are five remodels you should consider and five you shouldn't.

Worth it

  • Kitchen fix-up

    Few spaces sell a home like your kitchen. Minor renovations, such as replacing the flooring, adding a backsplash, or refinishing cabinets, can help buyers see themselves as chefs and convince them to make a deal.

  • Boost the bathroom

    Is there any room we use more than the bathroom? That's why small improvements, like replacing the light fixtures and upgrading your toilets and showerheads, can make a big difference to homebuyers.

  • Improve your curb appeal

    First impressions mean everything. Make sure your buyers start imagining themselves at home upon arrival with simple landscaping, fresh front door paint, and small touches like a house number.

  • Give your home a paint lift

    Maybe your walls have some wear and tear. Perhaps you inherited an orange bedroom and never changed it. Giving your rooms a new coat of paint - preferably of a neutral color - will make dings and holes unnoticeable and help buyers see themselves in the space.

  • Let in the light

    Good lighting is key to showcasing your home. If you have natural light, be sure to let it in! If not, upgrading your lighting is easy, inexpensive, and will make even the smallest spaces feel inviting.

Skip it

  • Avoid personal projects

    Just because you want a mancave or craft corner doesn't mean your buyer will.

  • Don't add a swimming pool

    Unless pools are the norm in your neighborhood, these additions are high maintenance, a danger to small children, and add on to home insurance.

  • Keep your garage as is

    Garage remodels are among the most expensive renovations and unlikely to increase your home's value. In addition, while converting the garage may seem appealing, potential homebuyers are more likely to see value in parking or storage than just another room.

  • Skip unseen upgrades

    While a new furnace is beneficial, every house has one. Avoid putting money into upgrades your buyer won't see or will take for granted.

  • Don't go overboard on good ideas

    Even the best home improvements are unlikely to be recouped if you spend too much. Instead of remodeling your dream kitchen, use your funds for small, noticeable upgrades that any buyer will appreciate.

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